Displaying a distinctive look in the back. The spoiler with high mounted auxiliary stop light highlights the Rexton’s sportiness while improving safety, and the rear combination lamps are laid out horizontally to project width and a more imposing image from behind. A strip of chrome moulding crosses the tailgate center for added refinement, and the muffler has been hidden to enhance the overall simplicity of the rear design.  The license plate illuminated by LED lights and the clean sill doors provide the perfect finishing touches to the exterior.


Using quality materials that set the cabin apart. The seats are ergonomically designed to conform to the shape of each body, thereby mitigating feelings of fatigue on long trips. They are covered in incredibly soft and relaxing Nappa leather that has been elegantly quilted. The interior ambience is further enhanced by the illuminated front door scuff, and lamps built into the instrument panel and door trim to create a subtle ambient light at night.

Head Light
Wing Mirror

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